Budnitz Bicycles

We worked with Budnitz Bicycles in the release of their latest addition. The Model E. The worlds lightest electric bicycle. Titanium / Belt driven-no chain / Electric components are completely contained within the hub. Next Level. The folks and the vibe behind the scenes couldn’t have been better. The circular dolly, seen here, was custom […]


Johnny Upton , from the film SLAPSHOT, joined us in kicking off the 2016 NHL season. Film coming soon.

Helite Hammer

Couple photos here of the “Helite Hammer” a 2 string Electric Bass we built. Total beast. Sounds like a T-Rex Bass scream ripping your ears off—in a good way. Posting vids with the Hammer Howling soon…  

Camera Study

We’ll be posting results from a night study with LED lighting and projection techniques soon. Both new and used technology will be used to capture the images. Standby.