Budnitz Bicycles

We worked with Budnitz Bicycles in the release of their latest addition. The Model E. The worlds lightest electric bicycle. Titanium / Belt driven-no chain / Electric components are completely contained within the hub. Next Level. The folks and the vibe behind the scenes couldn’t have been better. The circular dolly, seen here, was custom built by Giroux Body shop, in …


Johnny Upton , from the film SLAPSHOT, joined us in kicking off the 2016 NHL season. Film coming soon.

Helite Hammer

Couple photos here of the “Helite Hammer” a 2 string Electric Bass we built. Total beast. Sounds like a T-Rex Bass scream ripping your ears off—in a good way. Posting vids with the Hammer Howling soon…  

Camera Study

We’ll be posting results from a night study with LED lighting and projection techniques soon. Both new and used technology will be used to capture the images. Standby.