• Reel
  • Alaska

    Documenting the Guides and culture on the remote Rivers of Alaska for Simms through MAKE: studios

  • Chamilia Portraits

     Series for Swarovski sister company Chamilia

  • Necco Celebrates 150 Years

    SweetHeart Candies Celebrates 150yrs with Jack & George and their first Valentines in 50yrs as a legally married couple

  • Beth

    Vignette documenting artist, Beth Robinson’s Doll making

  • Ernie

    For Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, this honest patient portrayal reflected a dramatic re-branding for the entire organization. Produced with Make:Studios and Creative Director Ernie Schenck

  • Bentley

    Jay Cashman talks about life, success and owning a Bentley in this profile produced with Hill Holiday

  • Drop the Puck!

    “Helite Hammer” a 2 string electric Bass created out of a hockey stick to kick off the NHL season. DROP THE PUCK!

  • Major League Soccer

    featuring Kyle Beckman and Landon Donovan to promote the “Don’t Cross the Line” campaign for Major League Soccer

  • DGI

    Brand film for Minneapolis firm DGI for MAKE: studios

  • Nike Women

    NIKE Womens Brand film for JDK design

  • OneFund Boston

    OneFund Boston: created for the survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing for Hill Holliday

  • A.S. Roma

    ROMA: Brand film featuring the VO of Dennis Leary for MAKE: studios

  • Casey

    Simms documentary filmed in Donalds, SC featuring 2014 Bass Master Classic Champion Casey Ashley for MAKE: studios

  • Ana

    The amazing “Ana” who quit smoking despite he acute mental illness; AntiSmoking for HMC advertising

  • Dunkin Donuts

    Dunkin Donuts featuring “Chris Stylez” beat boxing and handmade instruments made out of DD cups and straws-for: Hill Holliday